Unexpected Refuge: A Lesson in Humor and Humility (8-Page Zine about Backpacking)

Copyright © 2015 Jared Manninen

A humorous lesson in humility presented to you in a comic book format. I created this zine based on a backpacking trip I took in October of 2015 along the Tahoe Yosemite Trail. Needless to say, the trip was cut short due to heavy rains (and me not being prepared to deal with it!). A full trip re-cap is slated for the future.

In the meantime, enjoy this comic!

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And if you want the full comic book experience, click on the image at the very end for a hi-resolution version in which to print. Then, you can fold it into the one-sheet, 8-page ‘zine I originally designed it as.

For this zine I based my illustrations on photos that I took from my unfinished Tahoe Yosemite Trail bid.

After drawing the pictures in pen & ink, I scanned the artwork, digitally resized it, and placed it in my Photoshop template.

Then, I exported the whole thing as a hi-res .jpg (see at the end of this blog).

Copyright © 2015 Jared Manninen
Page 1 (front cover)
Copyright © 2015 Jared Manninen
Page 2 & 3 (double page spread or splash page)
Copyright © 2015 Jared Manninen
Page 4
Copyright © 2015 Jared Manninen
Page 5
Copyright © 2015 Jared Manninen
Pages 6 & 7 (double page spread or splash page)
Copyright © 2015 Jared Manninen
Page 8 (back cover)

This is “Unexpected Refuge” in its original format as an 8.5×11″ sheet of copy paper. Click the image and then right click and “save as” in order to download a copy for yourself (and then print and fold).

Copyright © 2015 Jared Manninen
Click for a hi-res version of the ‘zine, and then right-click and “save as” in order to print a copy for yourself

Here’s a video showing you how to fold the zine into a mini-book.