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Tahoe Trails Overview

An overview of Tahoe Trail Guide and the trails it features

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Lake Tahoe Summer Trails

Hiking Trails at Lake Tahoe

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Lake Tahoe Winter Trails

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails at Lake Tahoe

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Backcountry Trip Planning

Articles that will help you plan your next backcountry trip

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Backcountry Trip Documenting

Articles that feature interesting ways of documenting your backcountry experience

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Cross-Country Skiing Explained

Articles and videos about the art of cross-country skiing

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Snowshoeing Basics

Articles and videos about the basics of snowshoeing

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Tahoe Natural History

Articles about Lake Tahoe's plant life and wildlife

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Tahoe Local History

Articles about Lake Tahoe's local history

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Tahoe Trail Guide Store

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Update: Coronavirus/Wildfire & Smoke

Please note that in the current Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic environment, traveling into the backcountry is risky. Backcountry travel has the potential to place great and unnecessary strains on emergency medical services. Thru-hikers and other backcountry travelers who happen to be carriers of COVID-19 could pass along the virus to smaller, trail towns that have limited medical services. Also note that most Lake Tahoe businesses and recreation locations are operating under modified conditions (mask wearing requirements, social distancing, take-out only restaurants…). Know before you go (i.e. search online or call) to determine whether or not your intended destination is closed or operating under alternative procedures.


• September 7, 2020, all forests, campgrounds, and day-use recreation sites at Lake Tahoe are shut down and off-limits due to the threat of wildfire.

• September 8, 2020, there’s a red flag warning for Lake Tahoe meaning the use of all ignition sources (even your gas grill) are prohibited.

• September 9, 2020, all National Forests in California are temporarily closed, including all the US Forest Service Land in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

September 19, 2020, trails, day-use areas, and recreation sites are back open on Forest Service Land at Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Trails Overview

Lake Tahoe, on a global scale, is considered a single location. However, we locals refer to places around Lake Tahoe as being on one of the four shores (north, south, east, or west). Believe it or not, you can spend between 3-4 hours driving around the 72-mile circumference of Lake Tahoe depending on traffic, weather, construction, and special events.

So, I’ve categorized all of the hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing trails as being located in one of those four cardinal categories. See the map on the official Tahoe Trails Overview page for how I’ve defined those areas, as well as how I’ve categorized and tagged the trails featured on this site.