XC Ski Baskets and Tips

A small basket on a cross-country ski pole designed for use on groomed terrain. © Jared ManninenA larger basket used more for off-track and backcountry cross-country skiing, or situations where there is deep snow falling on groomed trails. © Jared ManninenAn older fiber glass ski pole with a full loop basket. This type of basket is better off-trail than on groomed terrain. © Jared ManninenA full loop basket on an older pair of aluminum cross-country ski poles. This type of basket doesn't work so well on groomed trails because the basket will often make contact with the snow before the tip, causing the pole tho shear or skid back (since the tip often won't actually make contact with the snow). Use this type of basket when you're out in the meadow breaking trail. © Jared ManninenA full basket with carbide tip on a backcountry ski pole. This type of basket is great for cross-country skiing in the backcountry, but not nearly as good when on groomed cross-country ski trails (due to the full basket). © Jared ManninenA half basket on a backcountry ski pole. The reason a half basket is desirable is because the aspect where the basket is "missing" will allow the tip to actually meet the snow (rather than the basket, which could cause the pole to skid across the snow since the tip wouldn't be sinking into the snow)  © Jared Manninen