Leki Quick Release Cross-Country Ski Pole Handle and Strap System

Leki and other manufacturers, make higher-end cross-country ski poles that feature a quick release strap and handle system. On this model, you press the red button at the top of the handle and it will draw back the red wedge (in the slot) back so that the strap can be removed completely from the handle. © Jared ManninenThe loop between my thumb and forefinger is the connection that links the strap (my hand) to the cross-country ski pole. © Jared ManninenMost types of quick release straps use a strip of hook and loop (i.e. Velcro) fabric on a strap that you'll use to secure your hand with. In this case, that strap wraps around my wrist. © Jared ManninenNotice the white loop that's essentially lassoed around the stem on the backside of the cross-country ski pole handle. You slide the loop over that stem until the red wedge (down the slot) locks it into place. © Jared Manninen