I wanted to use this image because it best showed the falcon’s face. However, the photo was not as crisp and in focus as I would’ve liked it to be. © Jared ManninenI selected this photo because the falcon was in focus, I could see at least one of its eyes, and its entire underbelly was on display. The problem with this photo was that the bird was in complete isolation (i.e. a flat blue background), which means it has no context. It’s like watching an actor in front of a green screen without the actual footage being projected onto the screen. Had there been at least a small cloud or some color gradient (as you’d find at sunrise or sunset) to break up the sky, I wouldn’t have been concerned. But, to me, a bird flying in a blue sky looks boring. Compare this to the featured image of an Osprey soaring through a cloud-filled sky. I forged ahead, however, because the feathers of its underbelly looked so beautiful. © Jared ManninenI kept this photo for reference, but ultimately it’s not very compelling because you can’t see the falcon’s face and it’s clearly angled away. © Jared Manninen