Off-Track and Backcountry Cross-Country Ski Boots

Fischer OTX 3 (NNN BC version).Fischer BCX 6 (NNN BC version).Fischer BCX 6 (3-Pin version).Fischer BCX 6 (NNN BC version) and OTX 3 (NNN BC version). Both boots fit an NNN BC binding system, but the BCX 6 version provides more ankle support. I use the BCX 6 with 88 mm wide cross-country skis and the OTX 3 skis with 62 mm wide cross-country skis. © Jared ManninenFischer BCX 6 (3-Pin version) and Fischer BCX 6 (NNN BC version). Both of these rugged boots are designed in a similar fashion and used for heavier-duty backcountry cross-country skiing. However, I find that the 3-pin version does provide more control on wider cross-country skis because the 3-pin system is just a more rugged binding than NNN BC. I use the 3-pin on a set of 112 mm cross-country skis and the NNN BC on a set of 88 mm cross-country skis. © Jared Manninen