1 - Lichen Growing on a Jeffrey Pine2 - Hiking Alongside Lower Echo Lake3 - Monarch Butterflies Flitting About the Moist Ground4 - Sunset at Lake Aloha, with Pyramid Peak in the Background5 - Morning Shadows and Reflections at Heather Lake6- Gnarled Juniper Tree Shielding Heather Lake7 - Steller's Jay with a Worm in its Beak8 - Curios Marmot People-Watching Near His Hidey Hole9 - The Long Approach to Dick's Pass10 - Dick's Lake as Seen from Dick's Pass11 - Granite Boulder Sunbathing at Fontanillis Lake12 - Oregonian Pacific Crest Trail Hiker by the Trail Name of "Sizzler"13 - Cloud Bank Sitting Behind a Marsh Filled with Dead Trees14 - An Unstoppable Force Meets an Immovable Object15 - German Pacific Crest Trail Hiker by the Trail Name of "Sprinkles"16 - "Ducks" Stacked at a Small Stream Crossing17 - Cool Morning in a Meadow Cast in Shados En Route to Barker Pass18 - Southern Californian Tahoe Rim Trail Hiker by the Trail Name of "ET"19 - Mule's Ear, AKA "Mountain Money"20 - Field of Mule's Ears Looking at Lake Tahoe21 - Grasshopper Chewing on the Brim of My Hat22 - Lake Tahoe Beyond the Silhouette Trees23 - Intersection of the TRT/PCT at the Border of Granite Chief Wilderness24 - Sooty Grouse Playing Coy25 - Conglomerate Rock Above the Truckee River Just Out of Tahoe City26 - Sliver of Lake Tahoe Viewed Beyond the Boulder Patch and Trees27 - Catching a Glimpse of Lake Tahoe at Sunset28 - Snow Plant29 - Lake Tahoe Spied through the Trees30 - Granite Head Gazing upon the Lake31 - Stopping at Watson Lake to Filter Water32 - Douglas Squirrel Wondering if You Have any Snacks to Share33 - Crimson Columbine in Isolation34 - Wildflowers Along the Ridge Waking Up to a Brisk Morning35 - Dying Trees with a Front Row Seat for the Sunrise at Lake Tahoe36 - Whitebark Pine Tree Needles and Buds37 - Taking a Gander at Gray Lake38 - Woody-Fruited Evening Primrose Flourishing in the Arid Soil39 - View Near the Backside of Relay Peak40 - Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrel Playing Statue Master on a Fallen Tree41 - Taking a Break at Galena Falls42 - Tahoe Meadows at Sunset43 - Western Wallflower all by its Lonesome44 - Hiking Along the East Shore During the Evening Hours45 - A Cluster of Fragrant Pennyroyal46 - Northern Flicker Searching for Bugs to Eat47 - Cloud Bank over the Carson Valley48 - Crystal Bay Viewed from Fireworks Rock49 - Washoe Lake Bathed in the Early Morning Light50 - Marlette Lake in the Foreground and Lake Tahoe in the Background51 - Sage Fields Above Marlette Lake52 - Rings of Lichen53 - Radiant Sunset at Lake Tahoe54 - Wooden Bench Near South Camp Peak55 - Granite Soldier Standing Vigilant over the Trail56 - South Lake Tahoe's Shoreline and the Stateline Casinos57 - Evening Sunlight Filtering Through the Trees Near Star Lake58 - Barren Trees and Decomposing Granite at the Saddle Below Freel Peak59 - Clark's Nutcracker Perched Atop a Stump60 - Large-Leaf Lupine at Armstrong Pass61 - Granite Bookshelf Bookended by Trees62 - Early Morning Light and Shadow Falling Across the Trail63 - Bouquet of Paintbrush64 - Remnants of a Dead Tree65 - Granite Boulder Cradled by a Fallen Tree66 - Aspen Trees and a Bridge Across Grass Lake Creek67 - Jeffrey Pine Cones Clustered on the Ground68 - Bridge Leading to Big Meadows69 - Forest Staircase70 - Conglomerate Rockface71 - Sunset at Round Lake Just After a Thundershower72 - Derelict Structures Near the TRT/PCT Intersection73 - Rock Walkway over a Small Stream74 - Sunset View of a High Meadow75 - Serene Morning at Showers Lake76 - Conglomerate Monolith Overlooking a High Meadow77 - Red-Tailed Hawk Taking Flight78 - Massive Boulders Stealing a Glance at Lake Tahoe79 - Start/Finish of My TRT Thru-Hike (Johnson Pass Road on Echo Summit)