Some mechanical water filtration devices. Sawyer brand "Squeeze" and "Mini" (top left) as well as a Pur brand pump (pictured right, with t-handle).Sierra Designs Flashlight (three-season, single person, non-free standing), Sierra Designs Convert (four-season, two person, free standing), Mountainsmith Morrison (three-season, two person, free standing)Two sizes of Equinox brand tarps: 5x7 foot and 8x10 foot (please note that the stuff sacks are from different products)Three different sizes and styles of Therm-a-Rest brand backpacking sleeping pads: Pro-Lite (self-inflating, three-quarters length); Z Lite Sol (closed-cell foam, three-quarters length); Z Lite Original (closed-cell foam, full-size length)Hydration bladders generally range in capacity sizes of 1-6 liters: MSR Dromlite (4 liter capacity), Platypus (3 liter capacity), Camelbak (2 liter capacity) - Water bottles usually are less varied in size and options (for obvious reasons), such as the two Nalgene bottles pictured at bottom (16 ounce and 32 ounce capacity)An assortment of backpacking stoves - Jetboil Zip (canister fuel stove), Optimus Crux and Terra Solo cookset (canister fuel stove), Evernew Titanium cook pots, Olicamp XTS cook pot, and MSR Whisperlite International stove with liquid fuel bottleThree different sizes and weights of bivy sacks (packed in stuff sacks) - Blackdiamond Twilight, Outdoor Research Helium, Outdoor Research AlpineBear Vault brand BV500 and BV450 bear canisters.